Join us as we strive to associate with younger and emerging artists. That is why, there will be no fees for collaboration or showing your artwork on our platform. We anticipate you to be reasonable, as we want more collectors to purchase your art.

The regular online exhibitions and gallery shows will provide you with free exposure, and Noahcraft’s marketing strength will ensure that you are discovered by art fans and potential clients.

Sell your Art with Noahcraft

  • To begin, please upload photos of your artworks for our review here. Once our editorial staff determines that it is appropriate for listing, they will notify you of the next steps in uploading your artwork on website

What are the requirements for joining Noahcraft as an artist / dealer?

  • Your artworks must be original and unique.
  • It could be handcrafted, prints, or digital paintings, but it must be created entirely by you.
  • Unless you have extended licencing, stock photos are not permitted.
  • The artwork, digital prints, or photographs must be of high quality

Who determines the Price of the artwork?

  • You would make the decision. Prices are not restricted in any way.
  • However, if we believe that the pricing and quality of the art are significantly different, we may refuse to accept the art.
  • Noahcraft charges a 40% fee for each piece of work sold, which includes website fees, marketing fees, shipping charges, and processing expenses.

What I need to do to fulfil the order request?

  • Once we receive an order for your artwork, we will call or email you to let you know.
  • The artwork must be kept in a roller, bubble wrapped, and labelled (labels will be shared by us).
  • We need to know the dimensions of the roller which will be used to pack the artwork.
  • The order needs to be kept prepared for pickup at the scheduled time.

Would you not pay me first before I dispatch my painting?

Nope, payments will only be issued within 30 days from the date painting reaches our customer.


Do I need to frame my painting before sending to Customer?

We prefer that you keep the painting unframed and ship to customer in rolled form on demand. We no longer accept any artworks that cannot be rolled and transported in a tube.

We do understand that many artists require framing in order to hold local exhibitions.

In this scenario, we recommend flex framing so that the painting can be readily taken down and uninstalled whenever anyone orders it.

What if the customer does not like my painting?

  • Noahcraft does not accept refunds or exchanges.
  • For this reason, we advise adequate and sturdy packing in rollers and proper application of shipping labels.
  • Please be aware that Noahcraft disclaims all liability for damage sustained during delivery of any painting.

How will my artwork be advertised?

We promote your art through a range of online platforms.

We are professionals in digital promotion and will ensure that your artwork receives the attention it deserves.

How soon can you sell my painting?

We cannot guarantee how quickly we will be able to sell. We can only guarantee our efforts; the rest is dependent on consumer choices.

Can I sell my paintings on other platforms while I have registered them on Noahcraft?

Yes, you can also sell your artwork on other websites. However, take the images down from the Noahcraft website or contact us right away to take down the sold art. Failure to follow the process could result in cancellation of agreement with Noahcraft.