Keeping a personal art Journal

An art journal is a space where you may keep track of and display your artistic progress. Start with a blank diary and fill it with sketches, drawings, paintings, and doodles. Collages, assemblages, and found object art are all options for creating art. Then you may put it all together and use it as a scrapbook to document your creative process and recollections. Your imagination knows no bounds. Make a sketch, write a poem, or doodle on the blank pages of this journal. Make up your own story or just draw until you’re satisfied. This journal is ideal for doodling, drawing, and journaling. The art diary is ideal for people who want to incorporate art into their daily routine.

When it comes to starting an art journal, there is only single aspect you really have to remember. You must be aware of RULES DO NOT EXIST! There are no boundaries at all. There is no “correct” or “incorrect” way to begin!

Your art journal is personal space for you to express yourself artistically, so do whatever brings you joy and chuck all qualms out the window. Don’t worry about if it’s good enough – unless you like the process, it’s absolutely perfect. Do as you please.

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