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Morden Art

Art Prints

Water color Paintings

it is the immediacy of the medium and the way the pigment responds on your paper to your personal emotional response to your subject

“Creativity is magic.. Don’t examine it too closely”

Edward Alber

Painting with pigments with a medium of drying
oil as the binder

Oil Paintings

Fast-drying paint made of, pigment suspended in
acrylic polymer emulsion

Acrylic Paintings

Art Nouveau

An experimentation and innovation of shapes, a tendency to use abstraction, art made with an emphasis on technique and process

"Art inspire de"

The Elite

The art is inspired by a Victorian-era elite gathering. The costumes, furniture, and carpets evoke the feel of the upper crust of British society.

Freedom is Dignity

The Artist took inspiration from George Stubbs’ original which is in the Manchester City Art Gallery. The “Cheetah and Stag with two Indians” was brought to Britain as a gift for King George III from George Pigot, Governor of Madras.


She has the fortitude of a battered woman. The more restricted, discreet and worried she was, the more calm but persistent she took control of her emotions. Her strength came from somewhere else. It wasn’t the product of a thought. It was the outcome of resolute denial. She can not be reduced to dust.

Noah"s Journal


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Love Of Art.

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